What are the Longest Winning Streaks in Brewers Franchise History?

Many fans might remember the longest, but what about after that?

Trevor Megill, Milwaukee Brewers
Trevor Megill, Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Milwaukee Brewers fans have been waiting, not to mention the players, have been waiting for the team to go on a big run all season. Well, everyone's wish has come true because the Crew are about as hot as can be right now.

Since dropping a series to the Dodgers on the road, the Brewers haven't lost a single game. Sweeps of the Rangers, Twins, and Padres has the team on an eight-game winning streak (and they have put up some wild stats in the middle of it).

Winning eight games in a row is quite the accomplishment, but for the Brewers it only ties for the 11th longest such streak in franchise history (not including any streaks that stretched into the postseason or across multiple seasons). So when exactly did the Crew have even longer winning streaks than they currently have?

Here are the longest winning streaks in Brewers franchise history.

Longest Brewers winning streak: 13 games, 1987

When it comes to Brewers winning streaks, no one beats "Team Streak," the appropriate nicknamed squad from the 1987 season that started off by winning their first 13 games of the year. That streak also happened to include two of the bigger single games in franchise history as well.

The Brewers' ninth win of the streak also happened to be the day that Juan Nieves threw the franchise's first ever no-hitter, a feat that has only been replicated once since then. The other game that lives in infamy was win No. 12 of the streak, an Easter Day affair that saw the Crew rally to score five runs in the bottom of the ninth and turn a 4-1 deficit into a 6-4 victory.

2nd longest Brewers winning streak: 11 games, 2021

You don't even have to go that far back to find the next longest Brewers winning streak as it happened just two years ago. Toward the end of June, the Brewers went on an 11-game winning streak that saw them start off tied atop the NL Central at the beginning to leading the division by eight games at the end.

Milwaukee scored seven or more runs in six of the eleven games and put up double-digit runs four times. The Brewers would lead the division by no fewer than four games the rest of the way as they cruised to another NL Central division title.

3rd longest Brewers winning streak: 10 games, five times (most recently 2003)

Of the five times the Brewers have rattled off a 10-game winning streak, three of them occurred during the 70's and one took place in the 80's. The most recent one took place in 2003, which may be surprising to some because that team, well, they were not very good as they finished with a 68-94 record.

The 2003 Brewers featured an offense led by Richie Sexson, Geoff Jenkins, and Scott Podsednik that was decent enough at times, but also had a pitching staff that wasn't particularly scary outside of third-year pro Ben Sheets and closer Danny Kolb. Still, they were able to rattle off a ten-game winning streak at the end of August that helped barely saved them from a 100-loss season.