What Time Do The Brewers Games Start During Wild Card Round Of MLB Playoffs?

First pitch times have been announced for the Wild Card round

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

For the last week or so, Milwaukee Brewers fans have been asking what time their games in the Wild Card round of the MLB playoffs will start. It's a lot easier to plan your trip to the ballpark when you know what time the game will begin.

The Brewers didn't yet know who they were going to play, let alone what time they were going to play them. Finally, after the seeding was fully sorted out and all the games were played on Sunday, we have our answer to both those questions.

First pitch for each game of the Brewers-Diamondbacks Wild Card round in the 2023 MLB Playoffs is set for 6:08 PM CT.

There are four different matchups in the Wild Card round, and they're all playing in the same three day stretch, meaning four different time slots. There are two early games that start in the afternoon and two late games that start at night. Thankfully for most of us the Brewers are playing in the later group of games.

The Brewers get the 6 PM time slot for their matchup against the Diamondbacks. That will be their slot for all three games, pending possible adjustments if other series end early. If only one other series ends in two games and the Brewers go to a third, then they'll play at 3:30 PM CT on Thursday. If two other series are sweeps and the Brewers aren't one of them, the only scenario where the Brewers will then play an early game is if both the AL series are clinched.

MLB lined up the American League games to go first with Texas-Tampa Bay to get the playoffs started at 2:08 PM, followed by Toronto-Minnesota at 3:38 CT. Then the Brewers-Diamondbacks at 6:08 PM, and finally Marlins-Phillies at 7:08 PM.

It's understandable why MLB wants to stagger the start times in order to maximize the TV viewing audience. But afternoon games during the middle of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, is going to make things tough on fans trying to attend the games when most people are at work during those times, which can lead to somewhat empty stadiums during important games. Luckily for the Brewers and Brewers fans, the start time for the Wild Card round should be late enough to make for a sellout crowd.

The Brewers get the postseason started on Tuesday, with first pitch slated for 6:08 PM CT at American Family Field.