What Will Top Brewers Prospect Jackson Chourio's Arrival Mean for the Outfield Mix?

The Brewers find themselves with a wealth of riches at the position.
Milwaukee Brewers prospect Jackson Chourio smiles for a photo during minor league workouts
Milwaukee Brewers prospect Jackson Chourio smiles for a photo during minor league workouts / Curt Hogg / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel /

Apparently, the future is about to be here for the Milwaukee Brewers. Earlier today, The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal reported that the Brewers are in deep discussions with top prospect Jackson Chourio about a contract extension.

Chourio is the No. 1 prospect in the Brewers system and has been for a while. He is also a top five prospect in all of Major League Baseball. The fact that the Milwaukee front office is already in contract discussion talks before he's played in inning in the majors speaks to just how immensely talented he is.

It also pretty much solidifies the fact that Chourio will be playing in the big leagues sooner rather than later. It was already likely that the 19-year-old would make his way to the majors at some point in 2024. Should this extension be completed this offseason, odds become high that he is on the Opening Day roster.

With top Brewers prospect Jackson Chourio's arrival on the horizon, what does that mean for the Crew's outfield mix?

Brewers fans have been waiting for the day that its wave of young, talented outfielders would reach the majors. And with Garrett Mitchell, Joey Wiemer, and Sal Frelick all having made their debuts over the past two seasons, Chourio would be the final member of the group to arrive.

Of course, this now creates a bit of a logjam at the position, one that also includes former MVP Christian Yelich. Having that much talent at one position is a good problem to have, but it also begs the question of who gets playing time.

Many have wondered if Yelich, the worst defender of the group, could someday transition to first base. That could be an option to revisit, but an even more likely one could be a move to designated hitter. But would Yeli be up for leaving the outfield?

Wiemer went through a couple cold stretches last year that eventually resulted in his demotion back to Triple-A late in the season. Perhaps he ends up as an odd man out again to start 2024, but at his best he has the potential to provide a bunch of offensive production. What if he came into spring hot and his bat was too good to stash in the minors?

There is also the long-term question. These same questions might persist past the 2024 season as long as the group is together. Will the Brewers realize this and try to move one of the young outfielders while they could fetch a strong return? If so, who besides Chourio do you try to trade?

These are all questions that the Brewers will have to address in the coming months. But for now, just be excited that the Crew's outfield is about to be jam packed with talent for years to come.