Is It Time For Brewers To Trade For Pitching?


One of the hottest topics among Brewer fans this year and that last few years have been starting pitching. When the Brewers traded away some top prospects for CC Sabathia Brewers fans thought this is what the Brewers needed. In the end though CC went to the Yankees and Ben Sheets was never resigned. So what are the Brewers option.

First they could trade for someone, but that would mean giving current players or prospects up. Even if we do trade for a pitcher there really is no guarantee they will stay with the club for the long haul. The second option is to promote from the farm system which is what I think we should do. Bring some guys up and let them have a turn in the rotation. If they cannot handle it you can always send them back down. If it does not work out you can always seek a trade if you want later on.

The Brewers are going to have to do something soon, because the starting pitching right now is making the bullpen work to hard. This means when September gets here they will be so tired and the results will be a lot of blown saves which Brewers fans do not want to see either.