Brewers Cannot Figure Out Giants Pitcher Ryan Sadowski


Ryan Sadowski pitched with poised and was able to pitch six scoreless innings in his debut, and the bullpen finished the job for him in a 7-0 Giants win. The win help the Giants avoid a series sweep by the Brewers. For the Brewers their record dropped to 0-4 when a new pitcher has debut in the Majors. It seems Brewers hitters just cannot figure out guys they have never seen in the Major Leagues.

Jeff Suppan started for the Brewers and he struggled once again. He tried to be to fine in certain instances and it cost him. In total he pitched 5 .2 innings giving up nine hits and 5 earned runs. The bullpen came in and finished up. If I was the bullpen I would pull the starters aside and ask them when they were going to start pulling their weight. It is only a matter of time before the bullpen starts blowing games consistently because they are used all the time.

The Brewers welcome in the New York Mets who struggled against the Yankees. Let’s see how well the Brewers fare against them.