Harry Potter and the General Manager’s Metting Pt. 2


What is a Part I without Part II?  A really crappy movie/story/book/Reviewing The Brew blog post, that’s what it is.  You deserve more than just Part I, so you shall have it.  Several of you who reached out to me this week, mentioned that some of Part I didn’t make sense because we did not know who Harry Potter was.  Well, I did that on purpose.  It is what we call ‘A Cliffhanger’.  Not just a Stallone movie, but a literary tool.

Look, the only reason I am doing this is because the Brewers have done virtually nothing in beautiful Orlando, Florida the last two weeks.  Wait, I take that back they signed another outfielder named Brandon Boggs.  You never know about these players anymore, for all we know Boggs could be the next Josh Hamilton.  Flip side of the coin, he could be the next Carlos Gomez.  Other than this insignificant move, they have left me with Harry Potter.  You know how I know Harry Potter is popular, kids in my neighborhood were playing wizard outside……underneath a basketball hoop.

     Quick catch-up; Harry’s parents get killed by Voldermort, who gets vanquished by Harry as a baby.  Harry goes to school and makes friends.  Voldermort returns and is super pissed.  Harry+Friends+Teachers= everyone fighting the bad guy.  In a strange way it sort of draws parallels to the current Brewers team we know and love.  Please sit back and enjoy the climatic conclusion of Harry Potter and The General Manager’s Meeting Pt. II…….



Ron Roenicke as Albus Dumbledore –    


Dumbledore is the head master of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Basically he is the principal of the wizard school, but in the grand scheme of the wizarding world he is often over-ruled.  He is a very powerful wizard who only wants what is best for all of his students.  Enter new coach Ron Roenicke, who has been entrusted with the care of our beloved Brewers.  No matter the student, I believe that Ron will be an amazing head master of the Brewers.  The biggest difference between these two men, Roenicke needs to get to work on that beard.  Those things don’t grow themselves you know.  This casting was more out of hope, I hope Roenicke is our Dumbledore.  If he is, there is no way that he will let us fail. 


Corey Hart as Ron Weasley –


Ron is Harry’s best friend in the world.  Throughout the stories Ron is painted as the black sheep and Harry’s sidekick, which creates a lot of tension.  But, no matter how much Ron screws up he always finds a way to redeem himself in a big way.  He also has a never ending supply of hairstyles to roll out, which makes Corey a shoe in to be Ron in my Potter comparison.  This season was a great example of a Ron Weasley type situation.  Hart started the season fighting to even make the roster, let alone to be the starting Right Fielder.  Another reason for this choice is Corey’s ability to redeem himself after a bad play.  Countless times this season he made a bonehead play, but then would knock in the game winner.  This is what I expect from both of these fellas; a few stumbles down the path, but always able to redeem themselves.  Plus Corey is really good pals with Mr. Potter himself. 


Prince Fielder as Harry Potter – 

Harry Potter is “The Chosen One”, the one who is destined to destroy the evil Lord Voldermort.  When Voldermort murdered his parents, Voldermort left Harry with a scar which also served to vanquish the dark lord.   In order to learn more about his powers he goes to school and makes friends.  His friends and classmates teach him many valuable lessons.  They get into wacky adventures and Harry ends up saving the day with his magic wand.  Now I know what you are thinking…………and no, I do not care that Prince doesn’t wear glasses.  This picture also leads me to believe that Prince has the power to make donuts appear with his “Magic Wand”(made in Louisville, KY).  My main reason for writing this whole article was to talk about how Prince Fielder has the power to save the Brewers.  He could go the selfless route and take the offer we gave him, which is more than enough at 5-years and $100 million.  Or, he could go berserk to start the season and launch his trade value through the roof.  My preference is that we keep him, but should he be traded I hope his worth is able to give us pitching for years to come.  Only Prince has the power to save our team from the Dark Lord and those who follow him (see Pt. I).   


     If these two articles have peaked your interest in Harry Potter, do not be ashamed.  They are wonderful stories that are about more than just wizards and witches.  On the other hand, if these articles have peaked your interest in the Milwaukee Brewers then you have come to the right place.  Please feel free to check back here for more information leading up to the Brewers 2011 campaign.  For the purists out there who hate both the Brewers and Harry Potter, what are you doing on a Brewers blog ? 

     Thank you to all of you for reading.  Until next time, I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.