And the winner is…….(drumroll please)


Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment has come.  There is a winner among you, and he will never let you live it down.  Last week, Reviewing the Brew did something wild and crazy.  A closed caption contest, with an actual prize to be won.  Sounds crazy, I know.  Crazy like a fox.

The picture in question: Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, touching Brewers starting pitcher Zack Greinke…sensually on the behind whilst making a less than savory facial expression.  The person who could come up with the funniest caption to be placed under the picture, would win their choice of 2 prizes.

After careful consideration, the RtB staff has come up with our top 3 choices, but if you missed out on all of the fun check out the post here.  There was a Saved by the Bell music video (thanks Harbs, made my week…I’ve been sending that to everyone I know), my brother-in-law completely missed the deadline(it’s cool Snick, but I am going to beat the crap out of you on Monday night to make up for it), and my dad made the only testicle joke of the competition.  I digress.

Without any further delay, her are the top 3 closed caption submissions.

#3. Damn that’s not where my car keys are either. I’m never gonna find those things

-Submitted by: Brian Thompson – Elegant man about town.  Do not know you personally Brian, but I assume that this is true.  Thanks for reading…and wearing your bronze medal with such honor and grace.

#2. I’d tap that ACE

Submitted by: Eric Pleiss – Friend of the site.  Current cheesehead, by way of Vikings country.  Staff writer for Puckett’s Pond (Fansided Twins site) .  Avid Twins fan, has been a guest writer on RtB.  Currently working on a cure for Jim Thome.  Eric, if the silver medal was good enough for Nancy Kerrigan, then it is certainly good enough for you my friend.


I don’t always touch butts, but when I do…I prefer Zack Greinke’s

Submitted by:

Don Pitsch – Actor, singer, accountant.  Just three of the things that Don claims to be.  He also happens to really like those Dos Equis commercials.  So much so, that he found that the only thing that rhymes with Dos Equis is Zack Greinke’s.  We were able to reach Don for comment on his triumph:

"First I would like to thank Reviewing the Brew for not discriminating against Mariners fans.  As a Seattle resident, normally I could not care less about the Brewers.  But, I saw this picture and I could not miss the opportunity to mis-quote “The most interesting man in the world”….and there I was, with 15 sherpa’s and a pile of sunflower seeds."

Thank you to everyone for your submissions.  It was a great time.  Don will now have to choose between two items from our Brewers Team Store.  Here are his choices:

If you are jealous, well then you should have submitted an entry…or made a beer commercial reference.  Do not despair fair readers, we will be doing this again.  But a picture like this does not come along everyday.

Hope everyone has a glorious Friday.  Today is my last day of work before I take a much needed vacation…to Minnesota….and Wisconsin.  May not be for everyone, but it sounds pretty laid back to me.  See you soon family!!!