Steve Sievwright Makes Top 30 in MLB FanCave


Ladies and Gentlemen, our boy Steve Sievwright has earned himself a spot in the Top 30 candidates to spend this MLB season in the MLB FanCave.  That is a pretty remarkable feat.  It was impressive enough that he made it into the Top 50, but then to make the first cut…Congrats buddy.  It is an honor that you even acknowledge my existence.

 If you missed it, Steve has done not one but two interviews with Colin on this site.  In my mind, that makes him RtB family.  This is a rare group, consisting of Shawn Anderson (The Hall of Very Good), Eric Pleiss (Puckett’s Pond), and John Axford (best closer in baseball).  By being a part of that group, Steve now has the right to pretty much do whatever he wants when it comes to this site.  Which leads me to my point.

All Steve has asked of our site right now, is one thing.  He has also asked that any of you on Twitter, send a Tweet over the @MLBFanCave and tell them why we like Steve so much.  I think that if all of us just take a minute to Tweet about what makes Steve so great, we can get him into the FanCave.   If you do not have a Twitter account, post a comment below and I will personally Tweet all of your reasons to put him into the Cave.  I mean it, just leave a comment that starts with “Twitter: (insert comment”, and I will make sure it gets to the MLB FanCave. 

This is a great opportunity for us to practice getting behind something.  Spring Training is great, but only provides so much competition.  As a fan base, we can practice our undying love for Steve in place of the Brewers…who will start in 38 days.

The entire staff of RtB is thrilled that we were able to assist Steve in his quest.  He is a stand up guy who deserves our support.  So, one more time…leave a comment that you want me to send to MLB FanCave on your behalf and it will happen.  Let’s show our support for Steve as he heads to Arizona.

On an unrelated note, I have had a pet rabbit for the past 8 years.  He has taken a turn for the worst over the past 24 hours.  Now, I am not a religious man, but I would like to ask a favor of faith.  No matter who you choose to pray to, or worship, could you do me the honor of praying for my friend Rupert to make a painless exit from this world.  I know that a grown man having a rabbit seems silly, but he does no deserve to leave this world in agony.  Please just take a minute to send positive thoughts his way.  Here is a visual stimulant to help.  Thank you for always reading and sharing in my life.  You are the best people on earth:)