Wednesday’s Brewer Stat Of The Day: HR/FB Ratio


Ryan Braun led the Brewers in HR/FB ration in 2012. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Wednesday’s Brewer Stat of the Day. If you missed Monday’s or Tuesday’s stat, you can find them here and here.

Today’s statistic: 13% home run to fly ball ratio (HR/FB)

Home run to fly ball ratio is the ratio of home runs a team hits out of their total number of fly balls. In 2012, the Milwaukee Brewers had a 13% HR/FB ratio which was sixth highest in the MLB. Playing in Miller Park certainly has its advantageous when it comes to hitting home runs. According to Hit Tracker Online, Miller Park saw an average of 2.83 home runs per game, second only to Yankee Stadium (obviously).

There’s no doubt that the Brewers stadium influences countless number of home runs, but their lineup has plenty of beef in it as well. Milwaukee led the National League in home runs (202) and had seven different players hit 10+ home runs (four with 20+). Ryan Braun led the way with 41 home runs and posted a career best 22.8% HR/FB ratio. However, Braun’s HR/FB ratio drastically changed from playing at home to on the road. At Miller Park, Braun’s ratio was 28.6% while on the road it was just 17.7%. One must wonder what kind of power numbers he would put up if he played somewhere other than Miller Park.

Here is the HR/FB ratio table courtesy of

I expect to see the Brewers HR/FB ratio rise in 2013, especially if Aramis Ramirez can avoid his early season slump. Carlos Gomez should build on his powerful 2012 year where boasted a career-high 14.3% HR/FB ratio and don’t be surprised if Rickie Weeks sees his numbers take a climb. Power is one thing the Brewers do not have to worry about.

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