Cast Your Vote: The Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss


If only Ron Roenicke was up for a nomination…sadly he is still a Brewer.

Well everyone, the time has come.  Unfortunately we are now unable to put voting on the home page, so this is the only place you can decide who has earned a permanent seat in the Hall of Brewers We Won’t Miss.  Just as a quick refresher, your choices are:

Johnny Estrada

Manny Parra

David Riske 

Mike Gonzalez

Billy Jo Robidoux

Doug Davis

Brooks Conrad

Be sure to click on their names so you can do your research before casting your ballot.  Voting will be open until Thanksgiving Eve (the 27th).  On December 1st the winner will be announced and will receive an induction speech from yours truly and hopefully some word from the their nominator.

Again, I would like to thank Front Row Amy ( and Kristin Zenz (Pocket Doppler) for being our special guest nominators, as well as the entire Reviewing the Brew Staff.  You have all been wonderful to work with and I look forward to working on future projects with you.