Milwaukee Brewers: Trading Aramis Ramirez Would be Perfect Start to Trade Season


The MLB first year player draft is completed and the Milwaukee Brewers have officially entered trading season. Though they have played better as of late, their brutal beginning has left the team to look towards a rebuild. Several sources, including Marc Carig of Newsday, have reported that with all-star third baseman David Wright out, the New York Mets have interest in trading for Aramis Ramirez. While the Brewers will probably not get much in return, trading Ramirez would be the perfect start to trading season.

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On a first place team that is looking for offense, Ramirez could thrive in New York. While he is no longer the player he was throughout his career, (currently batting .213 with seven home runs) his bat would be an instant upgrade to the position which has provided nothing all year long in New York. In the final season of his career, going to New York would give Ramirez one last shot at a title that he has chased for his entire career.

Again a trade like this would not net a lot in return for Milwaukee, but were the Mets able to eat some of the money in the deal or help to add organizational depth to Milwaukee it is one that the Brewers must certainly consider. Later in his article, Carig mentioned Segura as a possible addition to the deal. While this could help to net more in return, I for one do not what that to happen. While the Brewers have a ton of depth in the organization at shortstop, I feel Segura remains one to build around.

Ramirez has been a great addition to the Brewers roster since his 2012 signing, but finally parting ways this season would be great news for the team. Even with out having much to replace him at the position currently in the system, this move would be the perfect start to the rebuild that could begin any day now.

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