Milwaukee Brewers: This Should be the End for Logan Schafer


Logan Schafer has a strong arm. He can cover ground in the outfield. He has been hot as of late, with a .288 batting average for September, which is his best monthly average since September of 2012. But at 29-years of age, the career backup outfielder who once looked to be a promising prospect should not be in the everyday lineup, even for a team that is poised to lose 90 games.

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Every night when the lineup is made out I cringe when I see Schafer’s name in the lineup. Yes, Ryan Braun is shut down and Schafer is an excellent defender, but having his bat take away swings from players like Jason Rogers and Michael Reed makes no sense. I could see him getting in work as a late innings defensive replacement, but when he is starting and playing every game, it just doesn’t seem right.

In his five year major league career, Schafer is .213 hitter with little power in a mostly limited role. His best season came at the end of 2012, when he had a hot September and was able to bat .304 in 23 at-bats.

Even with next year looking like a probable rebuild year and a team that will struggle to compete , Schafer really doesn’t have a role . The Brewers’ have many outfielders with big-time potential in the system and with an upcoming need to free up space on the 40-man roster, Schafer looks to be an easy candidate to be removed from the roster. He once looked to be the future in centerfield, but with others ready to take over, the end is near for Schafer.

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