Milwaukee Brewers: Kyle Lohse Signing Never a Total Loss


What have you done for me lately is often the view of baseball fans. Shaun Marcum was one of the biggest reasons the Milwaukee Brewers made the postseason in 2011 and won their first and only National League Central title, but what he will forever be remembered for in Milwaukee is his post season struggles.

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Similarly to Marcum, Kyle Lohse will most likely be remembered for his 2015 struggles and not his two solid seasons that he had before this past year. As he now heads to free agency, here is why although he had great struggles in 2015 why the Lohse signing was not a total loss for Milwaukee.

When Lohse first signed with Milwaukee prior to the 2013 season, it was somewhat of a shock. Coming off a career year in St. Louis, Lohse gave Milwaukee yet another veteran, middle of the rotation arm.

In his first two years, Lohse was a very dependable innings eater who kept the Brewers in the game almost every time out and worked deep into games. In 2013 he finished the year with a 3.35 ERA and the following season he was nearly as good (3.54 ERA).

But then came his final year. This season it is hard not to argue that Lohse failed. He not only finished seventh in the league with 13 losses, but he was removed from the rotation after starting on opening day. The only thing that was almost a given each time that he took the mound was that there was a good chance Lohse was going to surrender a home run.

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But even with this last year of struggle and the surrendering of a draft pick to sign him, I still do not see the Lohse signing as a loss. Lohse battled throughout his contract as a true professional and in his first two seasons he helped to keep the Brewers in contention. While this past season may have left a sour taste in the mouth of fans, his veteran leadership that continued, as he willingly took a bullpen role, may prove to be vital in the growth of many of the young pitchers currently on the roster. As he moves on to free agency, I wish him the best of luck in the future.