Milwaukee Brewers: ICYMI


In case you missed Brewers news and such today:

The Brewers have had some ugly caps throughout the years.

60 days until Opening Day and Ace Schneider remembers Todd Coffey.

Patience is a virtue, or at least for Brewers fans The Post Crescent gives you all that you need to know.

That goes for Attanasio as well and Fox Sports elaborates how that’s difficult when he has a passion for winning.

At least there’s the post game concerts Fox 6 has all the details.

And there’s legend Cecil Cooper signing autographs at Day 4 of Brewers fantasy camp.

If you can’t make it to Arizona for spring training, you can always listen, 620 WTMJ has released the list of 16 games they’ll be broadcasting this spring.

The curious case of Matt Garza and his 12 million dollar dilemma.

Rockies got the best trade this past week, but the Brewers still have a better outlook Mike Bates fills the dinner plate on the daily dish.

The Brew Crew infield looks like a NYT crossword puzzle and Kyle Lesniewski tries to solve it.

Do the Brewers have a problem in their rebuild? Seth Victor over at BP Milwaukee addresses the issue.

The difficult position Milwaukee is being put in for 2016 and Jacob Kornhauser gives us insight to that position.

Matt Garza isn’t the only one with a Benjamin Button Problem and Brewer Nation fills us in.

Four prospects made’s Top 100 list and MPP fills us in.

Around the league:

The 4 best players over 35 and 1 over paid pitcher.

7 men out and 1 man in.

The metaphysics of a baseball ace and the meta-metaphysics of pitching.

Is good baseball ugly? Or is ugly baseball good? Too much thinking me thinks.

Much ado about Shoeless Joe in the Windy City.

Jonny Gomes: Presidential hopeful

The Braves are picking a bad time to “tank”