Milwaukee Brewers: The rise and fall of Sonny Gray rumors

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 20: Sonny Gray
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 20: Sonny Gray /

The Sonny Gray saga has been exhausting for the Milwaukee Brewers. From a deal being almost done, to there is no shot for a deal, everything has been said.

It can finally be said with confidence that Gray will not end up in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform.  It has been a wild and fun ride though. Rumors are always interesting, which keeps the edge of seats warm for about two weeks in July.

Gray probably would have been a huge help to a starting rotation that just sent down their Opening Day starter, Junior Guerra. But alas, there was not a deal that could be met between the Oakland A’s and David Stearns.

The issue in trade talks was the usual culprit, the asking price. It has been said that the only way to get Gray to Milwaukee was to surrender top prospect Lewis Brinson. Not exactly something Stearns thought was worth it. And with good reason. Despite a slow start, Brinson has all the tools to be amazing.  Something he is showing the second time around in the Majors.

So now it looks like Gray will be New York bound to the Yankees. In the end that is something Milwaukee Brewers fans can feel good about too.  Given the choice between Gray and Brinson, the prospect is the smarter choice.

In a weak market for starting pitching this could mean the Brewers will stick to only bullpen bolstering without a chance on Gray. That may not be too appealing for a team looking to capitalize on a weak division, but it is how things are shaking out.

The future of the Milwaukee Brewers is very bright.  There is still time to build the starting pitching while top players like Brinson and Orlando Arcia grow into superstars. A division title now may be appealing, but the team could still get there without new starters. Strengthening their bullpen will go a long way as well.

There is still plenty of time for moves to be made, but the move will not be for Gray. Several weeks of roller coaster rumors ended with a price tag that is too high. That is just how things go.  The state of the starting rotation is questionable right now, opening up even more questions.

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Just be thankful that Brinson was not dealt away. His upside potential is better than anything Gray could provide down the stretch this year. Overall, this missed trade chance will turn out better for the Milwaukee Brewers in the long run.