Milwaukee Brewers: Is this the real Keon Broxton?

MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 03: Keon Broxton
MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 03: Keon Broxton /
Milwaukee Brewers
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After Wednesday’s win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Keon Broxton has three homers in his last two games. Which is the real Broxton? The guy who slumped his way back to Colorado Springs or the slugger with five homers in August?

To say that Keon Broxton has had a bad year isn’t exactly accurate. He has 19 homers and 19 steals. He’s scored 56 runs in 107 games. Broxton has also struck out 142 and owns a .303 OBP. He’s good enough to help a fantasy team, but frustrating enough to have fans wishing for Lewis Brinson and Brett Phillips.

How Streaky Is Keon Broxton?

Very streaky. He runs more hot and cold than Katy Perry. Before he was sent down to Colorado Springs in July, he was in the middle of a 3-for-50 cold snap with strikeouts in almost half his at bats.

He was only sent down for about nine days, but his return was met with a collective groan. He shredded Triple-A pitching to the tune of a .385/.500/.577 slash line in seven games. The problem was that he still struck out eight times in 34 plate appearances.

Broxton has fanned 18 times in 15 appearances since his return, but he’s also clobbered five homers, including three in his last two games.

We’ve seen Broxton go on a streak like his as recently as last May. During his hot streak in May, Broxton posted an .885 OPS with five homers and four steals. He followed his hot May with a solid  .866 OPS in June, but he was ice cold during July.

What does the future hold for Broxton?

Broxton is in his age-27 season. He has proven that he’s not an every day player. He struggles with tough right-handed pitchers, and his streakiness can hurt an offense as much as it helps. His defense is good enough to keep him on a Major League roster, and he can do damage against left-handed pitching. However, he’s looking more and more like a fourth outfielder than he looks like an every day player.

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His current hot streak will likely end in the next week or two, and he’ll struggle again. It’s who he is at this point in his career. If the Milwaukee Brewers have any luck, the rosters will expand before Broxton hits his next cold streak. Having an extra outfielder or two already on the bench is better than having to wait for someone to arrive from Colorado Springs. Enjoy the current hot streak Broxton is on, but it’s proven that it won’t last.