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MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 02: Manager Craig Counsell of the Milwaukee Brewers relieves Junior Guerra
MILWAUKEE, WI - JULY 02: Manager Craig Counsell of the Milwaukee Brewers relieves Junior Guerra /
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – AUGUST 08: Manager Craig Counsell /

Matt Garza-Treat

What about Garza could be sweet you ask? He is gone.

With the righty going to free agency, there is the option to fins someone else to fill his spot. And as long as this person is not pulled from little league, odds are he will be a better option than Garza. Unfortunately, that is only a partial joke.

To be fair, Garza was not always bad. He had a string of good seasons with the Rays and Cubs. Then in 2014, he signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. The first year of his contract, he performed to the tune on a 3.64 ERA.

From their things went uphill. And by things I mean his ERA. And by uphill I mean the stratosphere. His 2015 ERA was above five and his following seasons were upper fours. Garza never had a winning record in Brewer Blue.

His careers is the biggest trick in recent memory. Garza took home 12.5 million dollars a season to lose a bunch of games. With the treat of him leaving, some of the young talent can get a chance. But it also frees up some money to get a bigger name player, whether it be through trade or signing.

Frankly, 2017 was abysmal for Garza. His ERA technically was not all that bad, but the rest of his numbers were. His BABIP sat at .287. But, for whatever reason, he is not fooling guys the way he used to.

Let’s hope David Stearns takes advantage of losing the contract and the performance of Garza. This is a great chance to improve the starting rotation. The only question is how. But, Stearns is a smart guy and he will make the right choices.

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Happy Halloween, let’s hope your treats are as sweet as the Milwaukee Brewers.