Milwaukee Brewers: Could Rougned Odor fit with the Crew?

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 22: Rougned Odor
PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 22: Rougned Odor /

With the Milwaukee Brewers still grooming their next great second baseman, they could use one to plug in the lineup in 2018.

The digression of Jonathan Villar and the second half drop off of Eric Sogard leave a second base job up for grabs. The recent signing of Nerd Power says the Milwaukee Brewers are comfortable with the pair, but there are better options out there.

Among them could be the guy who went viral for clocking Jose Bautista in the face, Rougned Odor. The  23 year old may soon be getting pushed out of his job. At the trade deadline, the Rangers dealt Yu Darvish to the Dodgers. Part of that return is Willie Calhoun who made MiLB headlines with his ability to hit.

That ability with the bat could very quickly overshadow Odor’s slow .247 start to his career. At the age of 19 the second baseman played 114 games in the MLB. Since then he has been a big part of the Ranger lineup. But frankly his hitting his not cutting it when there is a potential superstar bat like Calhoun’s on the come up.

A change of scenery could be exactly what Odor needs to break out for real. He hit better away from home in his first two seasons in the big leagues. But his last two years show a slight advantage at home. A different set of eyes on him could do wonders.

MLB Pipeline listed Odor as the 96th best prospect in baseball in 2013, then he made his debut. His best tool throughout the minors was his bat. So to worry about a low start for a guy who has been playing in the MLB for four years and is 23 is not needed. He can hit. The bat will come around.

His age does pose an issue as far as price range. Because he is so young the Ranger could want more in return. But with Calhoun knocking on the second base door, Odor might be on the move. If not him, then possibly Elvis Andus. Something is poised to change in the Texas middle infield.

The other major issue with this potential deal is Milwaukee Brewers prospects. Calhoun sits as the second highest second base prospect. But he is followed very quickly by both Keston Hiura and Isan Diaz. So, would going for such a young guy be viable?

No would be the quick answer.

However, Odor would not be a terrible get. The Milwaukee Brewers coaching staff has proven themselves to do wonders with players. They really seem to be able to pull the full potential out of everyone who puts a jersey on.

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Odor is not the answer at second base. But someone should be. Right now, throwing all the chips in the Villar/Sogard bag is not the smart move to make. A more established bat would be much better. Dee Gordon from Miami, or possibly even Ian Kinsler from  Detroit would prove better options.