Milwaukee Brewers: It is time for something to happen

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 19: Craig Counsell /

It is time to get moving for the Milwaukee Brewers. There are dominos falling all around them.

The clog caused by Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani is clearly breaking up. Tyler Chatwood recently signed to the Cubs. Stanton has said no to St. Louis and San Francisco, but the Yankees are suddenly big players. The Tigers signed Fiers. And the Milwaukee Brewers camp is still silent.

Winter Meetings are coming up. That promises to be exciting for everyone in the MLB. However, the only rumors linked to Milwaukee is Jake Arrieta, who is a scary idea to begin with. So, what will it take for the Crew to finally join the party?

For one thing, they could be in the thick of it all. David Stearns and company does a very good job at keeping intentions out of the media sightline. This silence could be unnerving, or it could be the front office plotting. Things are not getting out to the public, whether there are rumors to be known or not.

As a fan of any team it is not fun to watch names fall off of the board, and none of them to good guys. That is the case so far while watching for signs of life. Outside of Chatwood, the Cubs were in on Ohtani for awhile too. The Cardinals even signed the other top pitcher from Japan, Miles Mikolas.

If Arrieta is the goal, something to cling to for the public would be nice. There has been no movement on that front for weeks. Good or bad, it would be nice to know something. Anything. It is getting to be restless time, and the Winter Meetings can only hold off so much.

I can respect locked lips from front offices. In fact, kudos to them for being able to even pull it off. But, the disclaimer to that is something should be happening. There is no lockout anymore, other teams are making moves. So the Milwaukee Brewers need to join in before the all the good players are taken.

Something will happen eventually. Patience is a virtue, and all the other clichés that can be inserted here will fit. But that is not going to get this team into the playoffs. The Brewers are so close, and getting farther by the signing. They cannot afford to remain dormant much longer.

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Hopefully, something comes out soon. It will break the monotony from the Milwaukee Brewers camp, and it will bring life back into the excitement for better. All it takes is a whisper, but those whispers are not happening right now.