Milwaukee Brewers: Another Minor League Pitcher Signs a Deal

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MAY 14: Radhames Liz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - MAY 14: Radhames Liz /

The Milwaukee Brewers announce yet another MiLB deal. This time, it is pitcher Radhames Liz.

Liz totals 133 innings in the Majors with an ERA near seven. A mid 90’s fastball means good things for the Milwaukee Brewers if he can control it. Unfortunately, he averages nearly six walks per nine innings. Hence, the MiLB deal, with an invite to Spring Training.

This is another weird signing. The 34 year old right hander does not have any decent history. It is all riddled with inconsistency and walks. But, given his ability to throw a fastball, a late career resurrection might be possible.

It has not been the easiest road for Liz thus far. He spent three years in the MLB from 2007-2009. After that, he disappeared into the depths of the MiLB in 2010. Following that year, he went overseas to Seoul. The Toronto Blue Jays brought him stateside in 2014. Then in 2015 he resurfaced in the MLB with the Pirates.

For the last two years, Liz went back overseas to continue his baseball career. Now, David Stearns brings him back to America for one last shot. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. He is the third pitcher brought in on a MiLB contract.

Earlier this winter, Stearns bolstered the farm by bringing in Mike Zagurski and Erik Davis in to pitch also. This is a peculiar offseason thus far. Pitching is clearly the focus, and Stearns is going after it on all levels.

The biggest question is, what depths did Stearns go to find Liz? And what good will he be? It is easy to believe that there is no MLB intent here, just filling out the farm. But the invite to Spring means they want a look at him. They must believe he figured something out in his second stint out of the country.

Maybe he did. In 2017, in seven starts, Liz had an ERA below one. Granted this is only just over 35 innings of work, a sub one ERA is extremely impressive. It translates to giving up two runs total. However, Liz will be a bullpen pitcher if anything.

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At least Stearns is making moves. The Milwaukee Brewers are in a very good place for the future, and for awhile it almost seemed as if Stearns was content. However, moves mean the chess match in the GM’s head is in progress. That is a very good thing for the future of the team.