Milwaukee Brewers: The Nature of a Quiet Front Office

CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 12: Boone Logan
CLEVELAND, OH - APRIL 12: Boone Logan /

Milwaukee Brewers GM David Stearns keeps things very quiet. That means fans have no idea what will really be happening in the world of transactions.

That reigns true still. Both the Yovani Gallardo signing and the Jhoulys Chacin signing were kept under wraps until they were agreed upon. For the organization, this secrecy is a good thing. Stearns and associates don’t tip their hand, which can keep the prices down.

Teams like the Yankees, and apparently Derek Jeter’s Marlins, do not worry about that. They release their rumors and let them fester among fans. This is not the worst strategy as long as it works for the team.

In the days of social media, these types of rumors can do a lot of good. If a word accidentally slips, in can be a distraction if necessary. There are a lot of different uses for it, but it certainly plays a role.

It is a part of the strategy of the offseason. GMs around the league need to plan on more than just who they want to sign. They need a plan on how they will handle the media as well. That is the business of baseball nowadays.

There is no bigger example of this than the recent Boone Logan rumblings. Apparently, there is word out of San Antonio that the lefty is joining the Milwaukee Brewers. However, there is no one affiliated with the team who can confirm.

This deal is apparently done, but there is no official word. Only a report from a place that is not close to Milwaukee. Logan is from San Antonio. So it is not insane that whispers will come out of there. But it is hard to trust unless the official word comes through.

It is a purely puzzling situation. On one hand, I want to be happy about a Logan signing. On the other hand, I am not sure I can be. But, the rumblings point to a done deal. So, why would something like this be kept under wraps?

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A lot can go wrong if the information becomes public. But the fact that the word is buzzing around the Milwaukee Brewers community, and the front office is not denying it could be a good thing. However, the quiet nature of the group could mean they don’t even care to deny the allegations. It all adds to the confusion.