Milwaukee Brewers: Still No Official Word On Boone Logan

DENVER, CO - AUGUST 04: Relief pitcher Boone Logan
DENVER, CO - AUGUST 04: Relief pitcher Boone Logan /

There is still no word about a signing about the Milwaukee Brewers signing Boone Logan.

A few days ago, reports about the Logan signing began in San Antonio. That took over the Milwaukee Brewers Twitter. However, just nothing from the actual team or anyone affiliated with it. There is not even a verified account that tweeted it.

So, there very well could be a deal. We all know how quiet David Stearns likes to keep things around the media. But until something definitive comes out it is impossible to believe. After a few days, it is not looking promising.

The flip side of this is the that the reports may just be exaggerated. Logan and the Brewers might be very close to a deal. In that case, someone just jumped the gun. But that is not a bad scenario because the Crew still get a solid lefty for their bullpen.

Logan is a lefty reliever. That is just what the doctor ordered considering Josh Hader can’t be the only southpaw on the roster. He is good, but eventually he may be a starter. That might not be the best thing for him, but it is true.

In a shortened 2017, Logan looked very good. In 21 innings he had an astounding 12 K/9. Now, 21 innings is not enough to base anything off of. But lucky for us, he is 33 years old. The veteran shows a career 9.7 K/9. So he can miss bats with the best of them.

During his whole career he has specialized against left handers, naturally. His inning amount nearly doubles against lefties than against righties. And with good reason, the latter hits nearly 60 points better. Whereas guys hit .229 from the left side.

That is all well and good, but he needs to be a part of the Milwaukee Brewers to help. You would think someone would have said something by now. The waiting is killing me. I like Logan, and think he would help the Crew quite a bit.

Unfortunately, nobody can confirm the early reports. The “sources” being used out of San Antonio could be completely accurate. Logan is from there. However, the hope is that the team would confirm by now. Since they have not, it makes this situation even more murky.

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With each unconfirmed day that passes, the chances of a Logan signing decrease that Logan. That is the reality of the matter. If there is no word before the new year, at the absolute latest, then this was just a hoax. It worked too. But the Milwaukee Brewers might be close, even if the team isn’t done with a deal right now.