Milwaukee Brewers: What’s the latest on Jimmy Nelson?

The last time we saw Milwaukee Brewers starter Jimmy Nelson, he was clutching at his shoulder. That was over three months ago. How’s his rehab going and when will we see him back on the mound?

The early reports on Jimmy Nelson were not good. There were rumors that he wouldn’t see a baseball field until August 2018 at the earliest. Based on recent developments, it looks like Nelson could return sooner rather than later.

Where is this info coming from?

From Nelson himself! He sat down for an interview on the MLB Network and discussed his rehab in detail. He talked for a while on his injury, rehab, and Alabama football.

So, there’s a time table for his return?

No. It’s clear that he wants to start a throwing program and get to Spring Training, but it’s not clear when he’ll return. Nelson will likely miss a few months of the 2018 season, but there’s a large difference between two months and four months. The Milwaukee Brewers can get by with a makeshift rotation for two months and not be that much worse than they would with Nelson. Four months is a long time for a team to go without its ace.

Could the lack of movement in the free agent and trade market signal that the Milwaukee Brewers know more than they’re letting on? Probably not. This off season is slow for everyone, not just the Brew Crew.

Did he really buy a hyperbaric chamber?

Yes. He’s using high pressure oxygen therapy for his recovery. It’s odd, but not unheard of. As long as Nelson isn’t flying to Germany for an experimental treatment that no one talks about, he’s likely on the road to recovery.

What are the odds Nelson comes back healthy in 2018?

Labrum injuries are considered the toughest to come back from. It’s not the career-ender that it used to be, but it’s still a tough injury to rehab. Michael Pineda is one of the few pitchers to make a full recovery from labrum surgery, and he’s never really been the same. The odds of Nelson returning to continue his career look good right now, but it’s completely unknown if he’ll ever be as good as he was in 2017.

Jimmy Nelson made 29 starts and posted a career year in almost every category. The Milwaukee Brewers need Nelson healthy and taking the ball every fifth day if they want to win a division title or secure a Wild Card berth. His situation needs monitoring. It’s not troubling that he’s 12 weeks removed from surgery and doesn’t have a time table. The Milwaukee Brewers will have a better idea of where Nelson is at when he arrives in Spring Training and starts a throwing program.