Milwaukee Brewers Roundtable: Ideal Future Bullpen

MILWAUKEE, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Corey Knebel /
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The Milwaukee Brewers bullpen got the answer to one major question last season with the emergence of Corey Knebel. But what will it look like in the future?

There are lot of potential pieces to fill out the bullpen moving forward. However that is nothing compared to the strides made so far this offseason. The Milwaukee Brewers have reached deals with many arms on minor league deals.

Most recently, it is the addition of Ernesto Frieri. Him along with several others pose as answers for the 2018 season if they can perform. If they cannot, they will be pitching in the minors for the year, and most likely will not return for the following season.

At the MLB level, the Milwaukee Brewers will hope to find more consistency from players like Jacob Barnes. If he can lockdown the setup role, then the back of the bullpen will be set. If he cannot, it can be another frustrating year that adds more questions than answers.

The biggest question is the future of Josh Hader. He projects as a starter, but he could end up as an Andrew Miller type arm. There is not a right answer for him, it will come down to wherever he helps the team the most.

A great acquisition last season was Jeremy Jeffress. He might not pitch well outside of Milwaukee, but he consistently proves valuable in a Brewers uniform. If he can keep that up in the next season, it gives the Crew another reliable arm to call upon.

It would be nice to say that Anthony Swarzak is still an option, but that did not pan out. That leaves an opening for the eighth inning before Knebel shuts the door in the ninth inning.

In this roundtable, the Reviewing the Brew writers attempt to look beyond this season. But that is a tall task. Bullpens are ever changing, and that is the fun of it all. If you have not seen our other roundtables on the future infield and the future outfield, follow the links!