Milwaukee Brewers: What if they brawl with the Reds, Pirates, Cubs, or Cardinals?

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin /
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The Milwaukee Brewers have started slow to begin the 2018 season, and the April weather is uncharacteristically cold all over Wisconsin. The Brewers will bounce back as the weather warms. That makes April the perfect time to joke about fantasy Brewers brawls with their NL Central rival Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, and Reds.

Multiple brawls erupted in April during the 2018 MLB season. Even the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry reignited. Other than the Pirates, who are off to a surprising start, NL Central teams have not had much to cheer about.

The Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals, and even Reds expect more going forward. NL Central teams could probably start a brawl without much provocation. Others have speculated how Milwaukee’s Brewers might fare in a fight.

Being the home of Da’ Crusher, the Milwaukee Brewers should do just fine.

Fans often have a hard time following what goes on in a baseball brawl because of the pure amount of people bunching together. Two 25-man rosters plus multiple coaches and staff makes for one chaotic crowd.

The Brewers have some strong, intimidating fellows on the team, but they also have some teammates that might need protecting.

The Crew has a group of baby-face, nerdy looking members, let’s call them The Brewers A/V Club.

Skinny guys such as Craig Counsell, Zach Davies, and “Nerd Power” himself, Eric Sogard, certainly will need protection.

Eric Thames loves the WWE so it makes sense that he would grab up fellow first-baseman Jesus Aguilar and form the BPA, the Brewers Protection Agency.

In the WWE, the APA or Acolytes Protection Agency were a duo of wrestlers that would protect other wrestlers for a fee. The Brewers A/V Club might want to pony up to the BPA.

Not many other NL Central players would pick on the Brewers A/V Club Geeks and Nerds if they had to go through bulky Thames and Aguilar to get them.

Another Brewers player with special powers in a brawl is Travis Shaw. You know, the Mayor of Ding Dong City. Surely he could call in some help in a brawl being a mayor and all.

Some athletes say they use the power of visualization to help them in their sport. If Milwaukee Brewers did that for brawls, this is what they would see when visualizing a brawl.