Milwaukee Brewers: Offense Starting to Get Hot

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 07: Eric Thames
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 07: Eric Thames /

The Milwaukee Brewers lineup has been very up and down this season. This includes players going through high points and slumps as well as injuries forcing some guys to sit out. In the last few games the Brewers returned to health, and are showing impressive offensive potential.

Before the majority of the lineup was hitting well, it was one guy that essentially carried the offense for two games. That was Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Eric Thames. |

On two straight evenings, Thames hit a two-run home run against the Cincinnati Reds. He lead the Brewers to 2-0 wins on both nights. Thames now has seven home runs on the year, and has been hitting well since Opening Day.

The Milwaukee Brewers were able to get away with only Thames producing against the Reds, but the rest of the lineup decided it was about time to get to work against Miami. They scored 20 runs and had 23 hits in the first two games of the series, There was contribution up and down the lineup.

Who else is warming up at the plate?

Ryan Braun appears to be heating up after dealing with nagging injuries. He hit a pinch-hit three-run home run on Thursday, and then hit another home run on Friday. When Braun gets hot, he really booststhis already potent lineup.

As for the rest of the outfield, Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich finally played in the same outfield again. Yelich has come back very well from the DL, and both have been on-base machines as of late. It’s great to see because that is a huge reason why they were acquired.

Cain has the most walks on the team. That is exactly what the Milwaukee Brewers want out of their lead off hitter. That doesn’t mean Cain can’t hit for power though, he went 3-for-4 on Thursday with a home run. Cain was slumping a bit before this series as well. Seeing him start to hit more was important to the success of the offense.

What about Shaw & Arcia?

The rest of the lineup, including Travis Shaw and Orlando Arcia, have also shown signs of life. Shaw is almost the overlooked guy in this lineup, but he is hitting very well right now. Arcia is still going through offensive struggles, but his home run added to the offensive onslaught on Thursday.

Shaw, similar to last season, has been an extra base hit machine. He’s also been willing to take a walk. He now has 10 extra base hits on the season with seven doubles and three home runs). He’s also taken 10 walks. Having a solid cleanup hitter is a great luxury the Milwaukee Brewers have, and Shaw looks to be on a very similar path as 2017.

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When healthy, and when they’re hitting up to their potential, the Brewers have one of the best lineups in all of baseball. They’ve been showing that as of late. It is important for the lineup to continue to stack up runs to help out their pitching staff. The offensive production also improves the team’s confidence as they continue to deal with several injuries.