Milwaukee Brewers: FanSided Faux GM Simulation Set To Begin

As the Milwaukee Brewers are going through the beginning stages of their offseason, we here at Reviewing the Brew will be doing an offseason of our own.

What is the FanSided Faux GM Simulation?

Every year, the site editors of FanSided MLB team sites get together for our FanSided Faux GM Simulation. As the editors of the Milwaukee Brewers team site, we’ll be going through this mock offseason as if we were Brewers GM David Stearns.

We will make trades, sign free agents, and go through an entire offseason as if we were the Brewers front office

Given the opportunity to run through a whole offseason, this is a perfect opportunity to try to implement our hypothetical perfect Brewers off-season plan. I can tell you right now, that’s going to be a blueprint for how we’ll approach this simulation.

How Does The Simulation Work?

We will contact the site editors for the other FanSided MLB sites for any trade discussions and try to come up with deals that we both not only agree with but that are also realistic.

For example, in discussions with the Mariners FS site editors about possibly acquiring James Paxton, they asked if we would put Corbin Burnes in the package instead of Brandon Woodruff, who was in our original offer.

Naturally, I declined.

Given the offers from other team sites, they would’ve needed Burnes to put the Brewers offer over the top. That could also apply to how the actual negotiations are going, but again, this is only a simulation.

Also for free agents, we can place bids with years and total dollars on any free agent. Whoever has the highest bid 24 hours after the initial bid will sign the player. There will not be any player taking a deal for less money because he likes the team or the fit better than the one with higher money in this simulation. It’s simply who has the most money to offer that will win him.

When Is The Simulation?

The simulation begins Wednesday, November 14th at 4 PM. That’s when the “market” officially opens and we can bid on free agents and trades will become official.

It will run through Friday, November 16th and closes at 10 PM.

We’ll try to fit a whole offseason in these next three days. It should be hectic, and we’ll provide an update of all the mock moves we made at the end of the simulation.