Milwaukee Brewers: Still linked to starting pitcher J.A. Happ?

With Patrick Corbin off the board for six years at $140 million, the Milwaukee Brewers may have J.A. Happ in their sights. Is this really what they have to do to get a left-handed starter?

The team at Reviewing the Brew has already covered why we don’t think J.A. Happ is right for the Milwaukee Brewers. However, Brewers GM David Stearns only cares what his scouts and advisers think, and rightfully so. The Brewers could be in on Happ, despite our concerns.

How much will Happ cost?

MLB Trade Rumors predicted that Happ will get a three-year deal worth $48 million. However, it’s believed that as many as 10 teams are currently chasing Happ, including the Milwaukee Brewers.

While there was speculation that Happ would get a two-year deal before the off-season started, it’s a virtual lock that at least one team will give him a contract for three years. There’s also a non-zero chance that a team will add a fourth year.

Happ is a capable lefty, but what is that deal going to look like in year four? He hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, but the idea of J.A. Happ earning $15 million+ in his age-40 season for the Milwaukee Brewers isn’t appealing.

What are the latest rumors on Happ?

The Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees have been linked to a reunion with Happ as recently as this week. The Milwaukee Brewers have come up in rumors, but it’s never as the lead team, or a team that has greater interest than most.

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Happ doesn’t move the needle for the Milwaukee Brewers. Their rotation will get deeper with Happ on the roster, but he doesn’t make the Brewers obviously better. Signing Happ would add a lefty to the Brewers rotation, but it feels like a sideways move. Happ doesn’t bring the Brewers closer to a championship. Given his cost, he may even prevent them from winning one if his skills diminish after the first or second year of his next contract. The Brewers will need to spend in order to keep their core intact. A hefty contract for Happ could have an impact on who they can keep, and who they can’t.