Milwaukee Brewers Rumors: Giants Want Pitching Prospects For Bumgarner

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 23: Madison Bumgarner
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 23: Madison Bumgarner /

The past couple of days, the Milwaukee Brewers have been making a few headlines with their interest in San Francisco‘s Madison Bumgarner. Earlier today, it was revealed who the Giants would like in return: a young starting pitcher.

It has been rumored that the Milwaukee Brewers have shown major interest with the veteran lefty, Madison Bumgarner from the Giants.  Not sure on who the Giants would want in return, Milwaukee had to come up with some ideas of who they should trade away to the bay area in order to make this trade complete.

Who Do They Want?

It was reported today by Jon Morosi on Twitter:

"“Source:  In initial Madison Bumgarner trade talks with #Brewers, #SFGiants indicated that a young starting pitcher–Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff or Freddy Peralta–would need to be part of offer for deal to occur.  @MLB @MLBNetwork”"

With that being said, Brewers’ fans are not too eager to trade away their best young pitchers in order to get the veteran left-hander. But there could be a deal involved either way.

Who Could We Trade?

If need be, I think Brewers’ fans would be more okay to maybe see Freddy Peralta get traded after he didn’t make a statement in the postseason, but we are not quick to forget his magical debut on Mother’s Day in Colorado.

Another name we could possibly throw into the mix would be pitching prospect, Corey Ray.  It wasn’t certain if Corey Ray would make the 25-man roster right off the bat, so it would not be too much trouble for Milwaukee to let him go.

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The idea of trading Brandon Woodruff and Corbin Burnes would not be totally ideal for the Milwaukee Brewers to go through with. Woodruff and Burnes are set to make the 25-man roster and be apart of another great run in 2019 with them starting out the game this time instead of coming out of the bullpen.

We all know the magic that David Stearns can pull.  It is more than likely a young pitcher will be dealt if a deal were to be done in the next 24 hours in order to receive Madison Bumgarner from San Francisco, but as fans we have to ask ourselves:  is it worth giving up a bright, up and coming pitcher for a pitcher whose last great year was in 2012?

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Morosi did mention that this was in initial discussions and may not be what they are currently discussing. It would certainly be a very steep price for the Milwaukee Brewers to pay.