Brewers: Mets Request To Interview GM David Stearns, Are Denied

Brewers President of Baseball Operations and GM David Stearns was denied to ability to interview with the Mets for their front office opening.

You ever wanted to ask someone out but you knew they would never say yes but you do it anyway? Shoot your shot, right? That’s exactly what the Mets did with the Brewers and it went exactly as you’d expect.

The Mets shot their shot and requested to interview David Stearns for their lead front office role. Stearns grew up as a Mets fan and if he interviewed and remained a candidate, he likely would’ve been offered the job.

But before the Mets could take Stearns to the Prom, they had to get permission from his parents (read: Mark Attanasio). Unsurprisingly, Attanasio denied the request.

Jon Morosi was first to report the request and subsequent denial.

David Stearns Staying Put

Prior to the 2019 season, the Brewers gave Stearns a contract extension and promotion from just GM to President of Baseball Operations, as well as GM. The ‘President’ title is the highest post you can get to in baseball operations and therefore nothing can be a promotion from there. Everything would be a lateral move.

Teams can block interviews for lateral moves. If a team wants to interview a GM for their own GM spot, that can be blocked. But if they want to interview a GM for a President of Baseball Ops spot, that’s not so easily blocked. Same goes for an Assistant GM interviewing for a GM job.

With Stearns’ promotion and long-term contract, the Brewers can block any and all interview requests from other teams.

While Brewers Pres. of Baseball Ops David Stearns is unavailable for the Mets to interview, perhaps Assistant GM Matt Arnold would be.

Matt Arnold, meanwhile, is available for interviews. He interviewed with the Angels for their opening a few weeks ago but did not make the cut. The Phillies and Mets are the only remaining teams searching for a GM, and it’s currently unknown if those teams have plans to interview Matt Arnold.

Arnold has interviewed with a few other teams in the last year or two about their GM vacancies but hasn’t landed the job yet. He came to Milwaukee from the Rays organization and is thought to be a future GM very soon.

Interestingly enough, prior to hiring Brodie Van Wagenen as GM a few years ago, another Brewers front office member was a finalist for that GM spot in New York. That person was Doug Melvin, the semi-retired former GM of the Brewers.

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The Brewers are going to keep Stearns for as long as they can. He’s the architect of three straight postseason appearances for this franchise and while it’s understandable the Mets would want him, he’s not going anywhere.