Brewers Moving To 50% Seating Capacity At American Family Field

Fans cheer during opening day At American Family Field Thursday.Mjs Brewers Openingday Ec01983
Fans cheer during opening day At American Family Field Thursday.Mjs Brewers Openingday Ec01983 /

The Milwaukee Brewers have announced that they will be allowing up to 50% capacity at American Family Field starting this weekend.

In long-awaited news, the Brewers are upping the seating capacity. Government restrictions put in place for Covid-19 limited the Brewers to just 25% capacity for the first month of the season. With vaccinations continuing and case numbers going down, now they’ve been allowed to get the stadium to half-full.

Recently, the Brewers have been announcing new batches of tickets becoming available for some games, possibly getting ready for a jump in seating capacity.

If you’ve gone to any of the games, you may have noticed that in the first homestand, there were zip ties on the seats that weren’t allowed to be sold because of the restrictions. But in the subsequent home games, those zip ties were gone, also likely in preparation for increased capacity.

The Brewers being able to expand stadium capacity also comes on the heels of the Brewers players getting fully vaccinated.

The Brewers are one of the teams that have reached the 85% vaccination threshold among Tier 1 personnel, the people that have access to the field, and have had some of their Covid protocols and rules relaxed because of it.

American Family Field holds just over 40,000 people at full capacity, which means that now about 20,000 or so fans will be able to attend the games. At 25 percent, the Brewers have been around 11,000 fans in attendance at each of the games so far.

There have been plenty of moments where those 11,000 fans sounded more like 40,000 fans. Now with 20,000 being able to be in attendance, things will be even louder, and that’s just what the Brewers need and want. Ryan Braun has said it before; “The louder the fans are, the better we will play.”

Now the fans will be able to get louder, as they’ll have thousands more voices to make more noise.

We’re getting closer and closer to being back to normal, and this is a step in the right direction. Hopefully soon enough we’ll be back to 100% capacity and fully back to normal and putting all the restrictions from the past year behind us.

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It’s been great just having the 11,000 fans for the past month, but now with capacity doubling, it’s going to be even better.