Brewers: Milwaukee is Celebrated in City Connect Uniform Release

It’s the moment many Milwaukee Brewers fans have been waiting for. Earlier today, the team officially revealed, and released for sale, their own City Connect uniform, the 13th such version to be released in MLB.

Fans thought they got a bit of a sneak preview last month when this picture leaked its way on to Twitter. As it turns out, that hat was in fact part of the overall City Connect uniform design, which the Brewers put out on social media early on Friday.

The new merchandise can be purchased starting today in a number of places. But the Brew Crew will be showing off these jerseys on the field for the first time next Friday in their home game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Brewers City Connect jerseys connect to multiple aspects of the city’s roots.

As was seen with their most recent jersey rebrand, the Brewers do a great job of providing meaning behind every aspect of their jersey designs. Considering that has largely been the goal of MLB’s City Connect jerseys, the team of course worked hard to make sure these new uniforms did as well.

Fans who were hoping that the Brewers would harken back to the old days and use powder blue as the main color for their jerseys were granted their wish. However, as the Brewers website explains, that’s not the only reason for the choice.

The color combination on the jersey also matches the unofficial People’s Flag of Milwaukee that many have seen around the city. On the flag, blue represents the summer sky, yellow the joy of summer, and of course navy is a call to Lake Michigan, upon which the city is situated.

As fans saw early in the leaked version, the uniform does in fact utilize the hat that combines “414” and “MKE” into the same logo. That would be a call to the city’s area code and its airport code abbreviation.

The front of the jersey sports the “Brew Crew” nickname that the team is so affectionately and adoringly referred to by their fans. It is displayed in a unique new font that the website says, “harkens back to Milwaukee’s industrial roots, but uses a modern twist as a nod to the city’s recent cultural renaissance.”

One of the coolest parts of the new jersey is the patch on the right sleeve. There you will find a baseball-themed grill, which the team of course states is a, “nod to the city’s rich tradition of grilling out and summer living.” You may also notice that the legs of a grill form an “M.”

And of course with a team called the Brewers, you must also note the piping at the end of the sleeves. The yellow and white are a call to the foam head of a beer, an important feature considering the city’s long, rich history of brewing beer.

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Love them or hate them, the Brewers City Connect jerseys are here. Will you be heading out to grab one of your own?