3 crucial organizational needs for Brewers to address in the 2024 MLB Draft

What do the Brewers need to focus on in the 2024 MLB Draft?
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
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The 2024 MLB Draft is coming up fast. The Milwaukee Brewers hold 22 selections in the 20 round Draft and will have 22 opportunities to add future major leaguers who could help this team win a World Series.

While the Brewers have one of the deepest farm systems in baseball and are loaded with talent, they still have no shortage of needs to address in this year's Draft. For an organization that has to rely on drafting and development to remain competitive like the Brewers, they can't afford to have too many misses in the Draft.

The Brewers have had a lot more success in the Draft in recent years, but the whole Draft is still a crapshoot. There's no guarantee that even a first round pick will become a big league contributor and the odds get smaller and smaller the later you go.

Last year, the Brewers walked away feeling like they had one of the best draft classes in the league. The performance of those players this season has only backed up that assessment. They'll be looking for a similarly great class of players this year.

How can they get there? Here are the big needs the Brewers have to address in the 2024 MLB Draft.

Brewers Draft Need 1: Outfield

It may seem strange that outfield depth would be considered a need for the Brewers given how they've focused heavily on that group, especially with first round picks. The big league outfield depth has created a logjam. Between Christian Yelich, Garrett Mitchell, Sal Frelick, Blake Perkins, Jackson Chourio, and Joey Wiemer, there's only so much playing time to go around.

However, the MLB Draft is not for addressing immediate team needs. If it was, this Draft would just be 22 consecutive pitchers for the Brewers.

Despite the broad major league depth the Brewers have in the outfield, the Brewers have nowhere near as much prospect depth in that group in the minors.

Milwaukee hasn't drafted and signed a true outfielder in either of the last two drafts. Last year's draft was entirely pitchers and infielders. As a result, the prospect depth among this position group, especially in the lower minors, has started to thin. The Brewers have just two true outfielders on their top 30 prospects list.

Possible fits: There's a couple of outfielders that would make sense for the Brewers in the first round this year. Carson Benge, Vance Honeycutt, and Ryan Waldschmidt would all make sense at 17 overall. Dakota Jordan could be an option at 34. All four are college outfielders with traits the Brewers have historically liked.