Brewers Draft: Five 2024 MLB Draft prospects that fit the Brewers mold perfectly

The Brewers tend to have a type
Oklahoma State's Carson Benge lifts the Most Outstanding...
Oklahoma State's Carson Benge lifts the Most Outstanding... / Eyepix Group/GettyImages
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The 2024 MLB Draft is rapidly approaching. The Brewers will have four selections on Day 1 of the three-day Draft and sit in prime position to improve an already strong farm system.

The Brewers hold the 17th, 34th, 57th, and 67th picks on the first night. While this year's draft class is generally regarded as a weak crop, there's a large number of players who fit the typical mold the Brewers target.

When it comes to hitters, the Brewers like athletic, up the middle players generally with hit-over-power characteristics and speed is a massive bonus. They sometimes deviate from that mold like they did with Brock Wilken last year, but they generally prefer safer hitters and that safety is found in college players with above-average bat to ball skills.

When it comes to pitchers, the Brewers love stuff. Pitch traits, spin rates, induced vertical break, velocity, you name it. They have been very analytically-inclined with the pitchers they draft. Athleticism is a big plus for this group as well. Also, the Brewers will walk away with at least one junior college pitcher, that's also one of their types.

So which names fit these molds in the 2024 Draft? Let's look at five draft prospects who have what the Brewers have historically liked and could hear their names called by Milwaukee soon.

1. Carson Benge, OF, Oklahoma State

Projected right around the middle of the first round, Carson Benge has been a common selection for the Brewers in mock drafts this year. Benge is an experienced college bat that had a tremendous season in 2024 for the Cowboys, hitting .335/.444/.665 with 24 doubles and 18 homers with 10 stolen bases.

Benge's combination of hitting ability and power is extremely enticing. Most players are above-average at only one or the other. His bat-to-ball skills give him a much higher floor and the power potential raises his ceiling. On top of that, Benge is a plus defender in the outfield.

He's also a pitcher, posting a 3.16 ERA in 18 appearances this year. While he could theoretically try to be a two-way player, his future is likely on the grass and will be sent out as a hitter. Pitching would be a nice fallback if hitting doesn't work out, but the way his bat has played, that shouldn't be too much of a concern.

Benge's two-way ability though further shows his incredible athleticism, which is sure to catch the eye of Brewers scouts. An athletic, college bat that makes a ton of contact perfectly fits the Brewers mold and he could very well be available at 17.