3 MLB Draft prep pitching prospects who could be next Brewers pitching lab success story

As the MLB Draft approaches, these pitchers seem perfect to add to the Brewers pitching lab
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2. Braylon Doughty, RHP, Chapparal (CA) HS

Braylon Doughty is a high school right hander whose profile screams Milwaukee Brewers pitching lab. He's actually very similar to Josh Knoth, the Brewers Comp A pick in last year's Draft and Doughty should go around that same range in this year's Draft.

Like Knoth, Doughty is 6'1" and about 190 pounds and he throws his fastball around 96 MPH with a 3,000+ RPM curveball. They're both very athletic on the mound and the command of the arsenal is solid.

Another factor that should make Doughty a potential Brewers target is that his breakout began at the Area Code Games showcase last year where he played on the Brewers team with the Brewers scouting staff coaching him. Per MLB Pipeline, Doughty was a "sponge" for pitching knowledge at that showcase, which just further shows he would make him a great addition to the Brewers pitching lab.

An added factor that could make Doughty a better target than Schmidt is that he has a four pitch mix instead of three. Doughty has both a curveball and a slider with great spin rates that project as plus pitches. There's also a changeup that needs developing, although most high school pitchers need to develop their changeups more. Still, three plus pitches with a chance for a fourth is better than just two plus pitches with a chance for a third. It raises the floor for Doughty that he should stick as a starter.

If Doughty is available at 34, and there's a solid chance he will be, don't be surprised if he's the pick.