3 MLB Draft prep pitching prospects who could be next Brewers pitching lab success story

As the MLB Draft approaches, these pitchers seem perfect to add to the Brewers pitching lab
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3. Boston Bateman, LHP, Camarillo (CA) HS

The Brewers have had success with tall pitchers. Trevor Megill (6'8"), Bryan Hudson (6'8"), Jared Koenig (6'6"), and Jacob Misiorowski (6'7") are just some examples of the Brewers targeting and developing long limbed pitchers and turning them into weapons on the mound. Boston Bateman could be the next one.

Bateman stands at 6'8" and 240 pounds and is left handed. For comparison, Misiorowski was just 190 pounds when he was selected by Milwaukee. Bateman is more filled out, which could help him develop even faster.

Like the other two pitchers on this list, Bateman has a plus curveball with elite spin rates. His fastball reaches the mid-90s and he has a slider and changeup to go along with it. Some of those secondaries will need further developing, but that's what the Brewers pitching lab thrives at.

Bateman, like Doughty, was also on the Brewers Area Code Games roster last year and, like Schmidt, is committed to LSU. The Brewers got see Bateman up close and work with him, so they should have a pretty good feel for how they can develop him.

The size and stuff that Bateman possesses would make him an ideal project for the Brewers pitching lab. They can turn him into a starter with ace upside if they can bring along a third plus pitch. If not, like Misiorowski, he could be a dominant reliever for years to come.

Bateman should be available at 34 overall and could maybe even be there in the 2nd round if the Brewers are willing to risk waiting that long.