3 possible reasons for Brewers catcher William Contreras' most recent cryptic X post

Wild Bill is at it again!
Sep 9, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Milwaukee Brewers catcher William Contreras (24) at Yankee
Sep 9, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; Milwaukee Brewers catcher William Contreras (24) at Yankee / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Brewers catcher William Contreras is a man of few words on social media. Specifically on X (formerly Twitter), the 26-year-old mostly reposts other posts, but every once in a while he sprinkles in the random cryptic post of his own as well.

Those posts are usually expressed in the form of emojis. Back in October, Contreras posted a single emoji on X: the pair of eyes looking off to the side. There was plenty of speculation as to what that could have meant, but there never really was any answer.

Back on November 29th, Contreras put up a post on X that was simply three clock emojis with no explanation. Of course that was right around the time that Brewers outfield prospect would end up signing his record contract extension.

Today, Contreras offered up his latest cryptic post on X, which was just as mysterious as some of his previous ones.

Once again, Brewers fans were left wondering what Contreras could possibly be referring to. Well this time, we're going to take a stab and guess just what the meaning of this X post might be.

Here are three possible reasons for Brewers catcher William Contreras' most recent cryptic post on X.

1. The Brewers are about to finalize their reported deal with catcher Gary Sanchez

It's not overly uncommon for offseason free agent deals to take a while to become finalized after they are originally reported. But as more days pass since the Crew reportedly agreed to a deal with free agent catcher Gary Sanchez, fans wonder more and more if the signing will actually end up happening.

It could be that the Brewers were concerned by something that popped up on Sanchez's physical, after all he did miss time with a fractured wrist late in 2023. If that resulted in renegotiating the deal, then it's understandable that it would take longer to tie a bow on the new contract.

The impending addition of another run producing catcher to the roster could definitely illicit the type of reaction that we saw from Contreras on X and according to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal, this saga might finally be nearing its end. If that's not the reason for the post, though, perhaps....

2. William Contreras heard about fellow catcher Francisco Alvarez's extension talks

Heading into the 2023 season, Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez was a top five prospect in all of Major League Baseball. At the end of the previous year, he made his MLB debut at just 20 years old and then went on to play 123 games this last season.

Alvarez didn't exactly set the world on fire with his batting average (.209), but he did manage to slug 25 homers and drive 63 runs. That performance, combined with his talent and potential, is likely why the Mets are reportedly close to offering an extension to the young catcher according to New York Post writer and MLB insider Jon Heyman.

The MLB fraternity is a tight one and players get excited when they see their fellow position mates earn their next big deals. But if that's not what Contreras was referring to, then maybe....

3. Contreras saw Brewers phenom Jackson Chourio take some batting practice today

Okay, so maybe this is the least likely reason for Contreras' cryptic post on X. Or maybe it isn't, because who of us haven't had the same reaction as Wild Bill when checking out highlights of the top prospect in the Milwaukee system.

While there's a good chance that Chourio starts the season on the 26-man roster after signing his major contract, new manager Pat Murphy might still want a little encouragement this spring just to be sure. If so, Chourio might have a little extra juice in batting practice right now, which would draw some big reactions.