Brewers: Cryptic Tweet From William Contreras Sets Brewers Twitter Ablaze

What is Contreras hinting at?
St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
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What does it mean? Brewers players aren't typically active on Twitter, so when William Contreras took the time to tweet out an emoji on Saturday, Brewers Twitter naturally jumped all over it, wondering what was going on.

Contreras, coming off his first season with the Brewers, had put out videos and talked about how he loves Milwaukee during the season and now is perhaps tipping off the Brewers fans to something.

The eye emoji was completely unprompted by any public information. Contreras isn't going to be the one to break the news and come right out and say it, whatever it is. Logic would indicate that Contreras just received some news though that prompted such a tweet.

Very quickly, Brewers twitter jumped on one of two potential reasons for Contreras' emoji.

The first explanation that Brewers fans hoped for was a contract extension for Wild Bill. Contreras is under team control for another four seasons and won't even be arbitration eligible yet this offseason. But his youth and incredible early career success would make signing Contreras long-term a smart move for the Brewers to make.

It's quite early in the offseason however for what is sure to be a big money extension to already be worked out. Those types of talks take some time and unless the Brewers were in talks about that throughout the regular season, which they reportedly weren't, then a deal likely isn't close. Perhaps the Brewers finally did just reach out about an extension though and started talks, which prompted the tweet.

However, there's another possible explanation that Brewers Twitter is leaning towards.

Is Craig Counsell coming back? That question has been looming over the Brewers for a while now and with just 10 days left until Counsell's contract expires and he can talk with other teams, perhaps he's finally made a decision. Counsell's held this decision incredibly close to the vest. He hasn't talked about it, hasn't indicated in any way which direction he might be leaning. The players for the most part don't even know, or so they've said.

If Counsell has made a decision on his future plans, the first people he would tell would be his team. The last thing he would want is word of his plans leaking before he tells his own players and they have to find out from social media about what they're manager is doing.

With the clock ticking on Counsell's decision, that would make the most sense to explain Contreras' cryptic tweet that set Brewers Twitter on fire on Saturday morning.

However, this also doesn't make fully clear which direction Counsell decided to go. The eye emoji would be appropriate for Counsell saying he's coming back. It would also be an appropriate response to Counsell saying he's not coming back.

For the sake of the Brewers, the former would be better than the latter. We may be getting public word of Counsell's decision soon, or maybe even a Contreras contract extension, who knows. Either way, Brewers Twitter will now be on edge waiting for word to break.