4 crazy stats from Brewers recent barrage of grand slams that are hard to believe

The Brewers cannot stop hitting grand slams
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

It's a grand time in Milwaukee. The Brewers are in first place with a comfortable lead, they've won both home series against the Chicago Cubs, and they're hitting grand slams at a pace that no one has ever seen.

The Brewers have hit five grand slams in their last eight games after Brice Turang's roundtripper on Sunday off Kyle Hendricks to lead the Brewers to a 7-1 victory. Turang joins Rhys Hoskins, Jake Bauers, and Jackson Chourio to have hit the grand slams on this homestand. Turang also hit one last weekend against the Padres on the road.

Turang joins Bauers as the two-time grand slam hitters in the lineup this season.

Turang started this stretch of grand slams last Saturday against San Diego. It was his first grand slam of the season. Then Rhys Hoskins followed with a slam on Monday against the Rangers. Then Jake Bauers followed with a slam off the scoreboard on Wednesday. Jackson Chourio hit his first career grand slam on Friday against the Cubs to lead to a Brewers win, and then Turang followed again on Sunday.

It's been a crazy stretch that you don't see often, which has led to some crazy stats.

Brice Turang's grand slam percentage

Technically, there are only four kinds of homers. Solo, two-run, three run, and grand slam. So, in a vacuum, 25% of your career home runs being one specific kind doesn't sound too crazy. But with how rare grand slams actually are, how rare it is to be at the plate with the bases loaded, you never actually see an even distribution.

For Brice Turang, 25% of his home runs have been grand slams.

The homer on Sunday was Turang's sixth of the season, matching his home run total from 2023 and we're only about halfway through the 2024 season. That makes for 12 home runs in Turang's young career and he now has three grand slams, which comes out to 25%.

"We're having quality at bats. Trying to hit the ball hard. We caught a couple and hit some grand slams. It's fun, man" Turang said.

Turang had a grand slam last season for his first career home run. Now he has two in the past eight days. The quantum leap that manager Pat Murphy promised has been coming to fruition.

Brice Turang vs Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder was the very definition of a slugger. You expected the 5'11", 275 lb first baseman to hit homers. Power was his calling card. The same cannot be said for the slender, 6'0", 188 lb Brice Turang.

As such, you would expect Prince Fielder, over his lengthy 11 year career and 319 home runs, to have a decent amount of grand slams, and certainly more than the second year Turang.

But nope, you would be wrong.

Brice Turang, in 12 homers, has more grand slams than Prince Fielder did in his entire career. Fielder had just one of his 319 homers with the bases loaded over 11 seasons. Turang has three total and two in the last eight days.

Not missing the opportunity

Prior to this stretch over the last eight days, the Brewers were abysmal with the bases loaded. They were 10-for-61 to start the season in that situation. That's an abysmal .176 batting average and just one grand slam in that stretch.

After Turang's grand slam on Sunday, the Brewers are 5-for-6 with five grand slams in their last six chances with the bases loaded. That's an .833 batting average.

They've only missed on one opportunity for a grand slam over the last eight days and have taken full advantage of every single other chance. Even a single or double would still be productive in that situation, but the Brewers are going for the gusto and it's working.

A week against three years

Some teams just have all the luck. Some teams don't. The White Sox are one of those teams that don't. They've had a rough few seasons not just in the wins department, but also the grand slam department.

What the Brewers have done over the last eight days, accruing five grand slams, is something that has taken the Chicago White Sox three years to accomplish.

While hitting grand slams isn't that common, there's still usually a couple for each team per year, but the White Sox have had an extremely slow stretch here for slams. Most of the players on the Brewers roster don't even have three years of service time to go back through to get the number of chances the White Sox have had to hit as many grand slams.

It's a crazy stretch, and it'll be fun for Brewers fans as long as it lasts.