Brewers: 3 Below Slot Players To Target In Round 1 Of 2023 MLB Draft

If the Brewers pick one of these players 18 overall, they could be saving money for later picks
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Below slot player to target in the first round #2: SS Kevin McGonigle, Monsignor-Bonner (PA) HS

While we've mostly talked about college hitters as fits for the Brewers in the first round, there's a chance they could go to the high school ranks at 18 overall. Milwaukee isn't completely afraid of prep bats, selecting Brice Turang back in 2018.

Similar to the situation with Hurley, if that second tier of college bats goes on a run in the mid-teens and there isn't anyone left from that group the Brewers like when they get on the clock, they could look to a below slot situation and take a talented prepster in shortstop Kevin McGonigle.

In our pre-Draft superlatives, McGonigle was an under the radar fit, since we don't often talk about non-college hitters for this pick. Everything else in McGonigle's profile is exactly what the Brewers like to target. It's a plus hit tool, some decent power, solid defensive ability, and can stick up the middle. As one draft expert pointed out, McGonigle has a very similar profile to Sal Frelick, Tyler Black, and Eric Brown, each of the previous three Brewers first round and CB-A round picks.

He's one of the best pure hitters in the high school class this year, and pure hitters is one of the biggest needs for the Brewers and a constant one. You can never have enough talented hitters.

The 18th pick is a little early for McGonigle, which is why he's a rare below-slot high school target, but he may not last to the 33rd overall pick.