Brewers: 3 Crucial Team Needs To Address In 2023 MLB Draft

The Brewers HAVE to address these areas in the Draft

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Brewers Draft Need #3: Pure Hitting Talent

The Brewers have struggled in the hitting department in recent years. The big league offense has been down the last couple of years and the farm system hasn't produced a lot of help prior to 2023. They've focused on addressing this shortcoming the last few years and it's starting to bear fruit, but you can never have enough high quality hitters.

Just like with pitching, even the most sure bets on talent can go awry. Corey Ray, 5th overall pick in 2016, was a bust. Keston Hiura, the 9th overall pick in 2017, also has become a bust. The Brewers haven't drafted and developed an All Star hitter since Jonathan Lucroy.

They have to keep plugging away on drafting the best pure hitters they can find. Hitting at such a high level, there's only so much coaching and teaching can do. Players need to just be that naturally good with a feel for hitting and the Brewers need to continue to find those types of players.

Unlike the other two needs on this list, this isn't an area the Brewers have neglected in the Draft in recent years. On the contrary, they've specifically focused on addressing this need. It remains a need yet again and will essentially be a constant need every single year.

The Brewers have targeted hit-over-power types early in the Draft. With enough contact and hitting ability, players are sure to end up hitting more than enough homers to be productive big league bats. Hitting the ball hard consistently is the key to being a good overall hitter and it's the key to hitting home runs. There aren't too many homers that are softly hit.

Getting a pure power hitter to hit for enough average to make use of his power and be worthy of an everyday lineup spot is more difficult than it is to get a pure hitter who hits for a good average to tap into enough power to make an impact in the lineup. Even if the power doesn't come, hitting the ball that often and getting on base is an acceptable fallback that still gets them in the lineup everyday.

The 2023 MLB Draft is just about upon us. The Brewers have 21 selections and they will have to use them to address these three key needs in the organization.