Brewers: 5 MLB Draft Prospects That Fit The Brewers Mold Perfectly

These guys check every box the Brewers want checked

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The 2023 MLB Draft is just about here and the Milwaukee Brewers are set to add some exciting new talent to the organization. The talent they've added in recent drafts all share a lot of similar characteristics, especially in the early rounds.

We've taken an in-depth look at what the Brewers tend to like in both their hitting prospects and pitching prospects on this site already. But how do those things equate to names and prospects in this year's draft class?

There's a whole bunch of names and scouting reports out there in Draft classes that most people know very little about unless they watch a lot of college baseball. That's why we're here to help you out with putting names to the tools and tendencies the Brewers exhibit in the Draft.

Here are five 2023 MLB Draft prospects that fit the Brewers mold perfectly in the early rounds.

Draft Prospect That Fits The Brewers #1: Matt Shaw, SS, Maryland

In the last three Drafts, the Brewers have selected an up-the-middle college hitter, two outfielders and one shortstop. Based on the way the Draft sets up this year, the college bats that are going to be available to them are largely infielders, meaning shortstops.

Yes, there are some third basemen that will also be available, but historically the Brewers haven't targeted corner infielders in the first round, choosing up the middle players instead, shortstops and second basemen.

Maryland's Matt Shaw is one of those up the middle infielders that will potentially be available to the Crew at 18 overall. He has an above-average hit tool, which is what the Brewers target in their first round picks, Not only that, he has above-average power as well. To make things even better, he has plus speed, too. That kind of combination of tools at the shortstop position is hard to find and it's the exact kind of toolkit that the Brewers love.

The Brewers love athleticism and his blend of speed, hitting ability, power, and ability to stick up the middle makes him one of the top players on the Brewers board, if he's indeed still on the board at 18 overall.

Shaw walks more than he strikes out, which is a characteristic the Brewers have historically targeted. This year for the Terrapins, Shaw hit .341/.445/.697 with 20 doubles, 24 homers, 43 walks, 42 strikeouts, and 18 stolen bases.

He hits for average, has plenty of pop, has plenty of speed, and can play up the middle. Matt Shaw fits the Brewers draft mold perfectly.