Brewers: 3 Prospects To Keep At All Costs, 2 To Gamble With In Trade Talks

Buying at the deadline is going to involve some prospects being traded away
Milwaukee Brewers v Baltimore Orioles
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The Milwaukee Brewers will be buyers at the Trade Deadline this year. If they're going to add to this major league roster, that's going to involve trading away some prospects from their minor league system.

As always when it comes to trade negotiations, there are some players that just should not be available, that are too good and too valuable to even risk giving up. But if you're going to get somebody to help the club, you need to be willing to give up at least some prospects of value. There's reasons to like and keep all of the prospects in the Brewers system, but they have to gamble with losing some of them.

Trade season is about to kick into high gear, so let's take a look at the Brewers prospects who should be off limits, and which should be available for the right price.

Brewers Prospect To Keep At All Costs #1: OF Jackson Chourio

This almost goes without saying, right? Jackson Chourio is the top prospect in the Brewers system and arguably the top prospect in all of baseball. There's no way the Brewers can even consider dangling Chourio in trade talks.

To make matters even more clear, there's no one available at the trade deadline this year that would be worth giving up Chourio for. Unless the Angels suddenly make Shohei Ohtani available could this possibility even remotely be considered. Even if Ohtani was available, would the Brewers be willing to give up years of a likely franchise cornerstone for just a half season of Ohtani? Ohtani is an all-time great, yes, but the odds are just not there to give up Chourio.

Jackson Chourio is as untouchable as it gets for prospects at the Trade Deadline. If anyone calls and requests him in talks, Brewers GM Matt Arnold should just laugh and hang up the phone.