Brewers: 5 Junior College Pitchers The Brewers Should Target In 2023 MLB Draft

It's not a question of if the Brewers draft a JuCo arm this year, it's a question of who and when

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While most fans think of David Stearns or Matt Arnold as the decision-makers in the Brewers front office, when it comes to the MLB Draft, they are not the ones in charge. The man in charge of the Draft is the scouting director, Tod Johnson.

The Brewers promoted Tod Johnson to the scouting director job in 2016 and his first Draft class was 2017.

In every single draft since Johnson took over, with the exception of the shortened 5 round 2020 Draft, the Brewers have selected one of the top Junior College pitchers in the entire class. They have done so with great success.

It started with Bowden Francis in the 7th round in 2017, then Aaron Ashby in 2018, Antoine Kelly in 2019, Logan Henderson and Carlos Rodriguez in 2021, and Jacob Misiorowski and Tyler Woessner in 2022.

It stands to reason the Brewers will continue this trend in 2023 and select one of the top junior college pitchers in the country in the first few rounds. Who could it be?

Here are the top ranked JuCo arms in this year's Draft class that should intrigue the Brewers.

Brewers Junior College Draft Target #1: LHP Kyle Carr, Palomar JC

Kyle Carr is the highest rated JuCo arm on both MLB Pipeline and Baseball America, coming in at 174 overall on Pipeline and 158 on BA.

Carr can run his fastball up to 97 MPH and has an athletic delivery. He dominated for Palomar this year with 111 strikeouts and just 19 walks in 78 IP. He'll need to develop some consistency with his secondary pitches, but that's something the Brewers have shown a real knack for being able to develop.

Carr has swing and miss stuff and the potential to add more velocity as he matures. He can spin the ball well and Draft analyst Joe Doyle writes that Carr "should be an appealing option to analytically-driven teams". The Brewers qualify as one of those teams.

Don't be surprised if the Brewers select Carr somewhere in the 3-5 round range.