Brewers: 5 Junior College Pitchers The Brewers Should Target In 2023 MLB Draft

It's not a question of if the Brewers draft a JuCo arm this year, it's a question of who and when

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Brewers Junior College Draft Target #2: LHP Christian Oppor, Gulf Coast State

The Wisconsin kid, Christian Oppor, could find himself selected by his hometown team as one of the top junior college talents in the country. Oppor found himself selected in the 11th round of last year's draft out of high school by the Oakland A's but chose to go to school. Because of the return of "draft and follows", since Oppor went to a JuCo school, the A's can still sign him for up to $225k before the Draft begins.

It's expected that Oppor would command more than that $225k, so he's not expected to sign with the A's and again be available in the Draft this year where the Brewers could look to select him.

Oppor is an athletic and still raw project on the mound, but one the Brewers could look to take on. His fastball can reach 98 MPH with some movement. He didn't have the greatest season at Gulf Coast State this year, however. There's a lot of upside if he can refine his secondary pitches and the Brewers have a history of doing that. He's also likely to be a Day 2 selection this year.

Brewers Junior College Draft Target #3: LHP Carson Dorsey, Gulf Coast State

Another southpaw from Gulf Coast State is on this list. Carson Dorsey also fits the typical profile the Brewers like in their pitchers. He had a strong season for the Commodores, posting a 2.43 ERA in 66.2 IP with 99 Ks.

Dorsey has big stuff with a mid-90s fastball and a 12-6 curveball. He also has a slider he mixes in and there's room for those pitches to improve as he develops although they're already really good. He's another athletic arm on the mound.

In Doyle's scouting report on Dorsey, the metrics on his pitches "really sing", which again is something the Brewers tend to target not only in JuCo arms, but i any pitcher they're interested in.