Brewers 5 Round Mock Draft: Finding Guys That Fit The Brewers Mold

Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers
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The Milwaukee Brewers find themselves with the 18th overall selection in the first round of the 2023 MLB Draft. They also have a Competitive Balance Round A selection at 33rd overall, putting the Brewers in a great position to add elite talent to the organization.

Brewers scouting director Tod Johnson has been in charge of Milwaukee's draft for several years now. He's shown some tendencies with what he likes to draft when it comes to both hitters and pitchers.

Using Prospects Live's Mock Draft Simulator, I created a 5 round mock draft to see which players might be on the board for the Brewers and tried to identify players that fit Milwaukee's mold that they could select.

Round 1: The Brewers grab another college hitter

Round 1(18): SS Matt Shaw, Maryland

The Brewers have selected a college hitter with their first round pick for three years in a row and we're going to make it a fourth. Several quality high school hitters were on the board while the college demographic was largely run through, at least among the players that play up the middle, but Matt Shaw remained for Milwaukee to snatch.

Matt Shaw is above average with both his hit tool and his power, along with providing plus speed. He's one of the top pure hitters in this class and that's the primary tool the Brewers love to target. He's also athletic enough to stick at shortstop and can handle a variety of positions. Shaw walks more than he strikes out and steals a lot of bases, falling into a similar mold to the Crew's recent draft picks.

If Matt Shaw is on the board for the Brewers at 18, don't be surprised if he's the pick.