Brewers: Consulting the Bob Uecker Magic 8-Ball on Some Important Questions

Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
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As the 2023 season approached, we as Milwaukee Brewers fans went through tons of questions that took time to get answers to, like which players would make the Opening Day roster, would players signed to minor league deals make the team, and which prospects would make the roster. With some of those questions answered, there are more still heading into the season.

That said, with questions on the mind heading into the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers season, I have decided to consult a higher power, the Bob Uecker 8-Ball.

The Bob Uecker 8-Ball was a giveaway during the 2017 season and comes with 20 different responses like "Odds juuust a bit outside," "The count is in your favor," "Outlook cloudy, close roof," and many more. With some examples of what to expect, let's ask some questions.

Here are some Milwaukee Brewers questions for the Bob Uecker 8-Ball

Will the Milwaukee Brewers sign Corbin Burnes to a contract extension?

"Go get em next time"

Corbin Burnes and possible extension talks are likely to be a hot topic of conversation throughout the entire season until there is resolution on it. The response from the Bob Uecker 8-Ball makes me think that maybe the Milwaukee Brewers and Corbin Burnes will play out the 2023 season and potentially come to a long term deal before the 2024 season, the last arbitration eligible season for Burnes.

Will Corbin Burnes win his second Cy Young in 2023?

"My producer says yes"

Corbin Burnes won his first NL Cy Young award back in 2021 and followed up in 2022 with another stellar season in which he led the NL in strikeouts. Corbin Burnes is certain to be in the race for the Cy Young award in 2023, especially with Jacob DeGrom now in the AL. Burnes' main competition will be 2022 Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara, Zac Gallen and a slew of Mets, Dodgers and Braves pitchers.

Will the Milwaukee Brewers make a blockbuster trade at the deadline in 2023?

"Pass me a brat and I'll tell ya"

Unfortunately, not even the high intelligence of the Bob Uecker 8-Ball has an exact answer for what the Milwaukee Brewers will be doing at the 2023 MLB trade deadline. It will likely depend on how the first few months of the season go and whether or not the Brewers are in a position to contend. We'll need to see how the team goes leading up to the end of July to know if the Brewers will be buyers or sellers.

Will we ever stop calling American Family Field, Miller Park?

"Outlook cloudy, close roof"

What a terribly appropriate response from the Bob Uecker 8-Ball. 2023 will be the third season of American Family Field and some of us still catch ourselves occasionally still calling it Miller Park. To others it will always be Miller Park. The Bob Uecker 8-Ball understands.

Will Christian Yelich have a bounce back season?

"Swing for the fences"

Might the Bob Uecker 8-Ball be suggesting a return to the power we saw from Christian Yelich in 2018 and 2019 for the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers season? It's a question that has been floated around the fanbase and certainly in the mind of Christian Yelich who is aware of his lower performance since fracturing his kneecap at the end of the 2019 season.

If that injury doesn't happen, it's very possible Christian Yelich wins back to back MVPs. However, after the knee injury, lingering back injuries, a pandemic off-season and a lockout, Christian Yelich looked at the 2022-23 off-season as the first normal offseason in three years.