Brewers: Dodgers Superstar Afraid Of Ghosts, Refusing To Stay In Milwaukee Hotel

Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers
Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

In the spirit of competition, the Milwaukee Brewers hold a psychological advantage over their opponents when they come to town. Visiting teams are put up in the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, which has earned a reputation for being haunted.

Many players around the league have had paranormal experiences in the Pfister and that's exactly why the Brewers put them there. Sure, it's a nice hotel, but if there's a chance visiting teams could get less sleep or be spooked by a ghostly encounter, it would only help the Brewers on the baseball field.

Well Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts isn't taking any chances.

Mookie Betts has chosen to not stay in the team hotel for the Dodgers trip to visit the Milwaukee Brewers because there might be ghosts.

What makes this even more funny is the fact that Betts still says he doesn't believe in ghosts. Yet he's paying out of pocket for an Airbnb just in case the ghosts haunt his room while he's there. Granted, he's Mookie Betts and can afford to pay out of pocket for an Airbnb instead of the free team hotel, but it's still funny.

What would possess a person to do something like this? He doesn't believe in ghosts and doesn't want to be proven dead wrong. This kind of move isn't in the spirit of visiting Milwaukee, but I guess that's something he just doesn't want to cross streams with.

Betts has stayed at the Pfister before and didn't report any ghosts, but every noise that was made, no matter how innocuous, made him wonder if that was something paranormal.

Apparently, the plan has worked for Betts as he hit a leadoff homer off Eric Lauer on Tuesday. He slept just fine in his completely not haunted Airbnb.

Look, if Betts is just afraid of ghosts, he can just say it. No one is going to judge him for it. Lots of people are scared of ghosts. Do any of us really want to deal with a ghost when we're trying to sleep? But of course that would have to mean ghosts are real, but Betts doesn't think they are.

As funny as it is that Betts is just completely avoiding the Pfister altogether, he's doing the thing we all yell at the characters in horror movies to do. This place is clearly haunted, there's only bad things that could happen if you walk through that door or go into the basement or whatever it is. Why not just do the smart thing and say "I'm not going in there, I'm going literally anywhere else".

He can rest easy at his Airbnb and order himself a red rum cocktail.

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