Brewers News: Brice Turang Recalled As Infield Is Shaken Up

The Brewers surprisingly demoted their Opening Day starting third baseman

Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers
Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Brewers have made another roster move following on from yesterday's surprise call-up of left-handed pitcher Thomas Pannone. Today it is the infield's turn to be shaken up with Brice Turang being recalled and Luis Urias being optioned to Triple-A Nashville.

Urias left the Opening Day game with a hamstring injury at Wrigley Field and then spent the required 60 days on the injured list. He returned to the majors at the start of this month but has really struggled to get himself going.

In his 20 games he has a career low batting average of just .145. His second worst year was his rookie season in San Diego where it was at .208. This sort of form would suggest that he isn't full healthy and may still be hampered by that injury, much to the frustration of many Brewers fans.

The infielder has had a really rough time of late too, managing to register just 2 hits in his last 17 at bats, giving an average of .118 and and OBP of just .250. Across the season he has just 8 hits in 55 plate appearances and so it seems it might be best for him to spend more time in Nashville to find his groove again and hopefully return back to the majors.

These struggles have opened the door up to second baseman Brice Turang who started off the season in electric form but struggled before being sent down.

Turang was in a real slump before being optioned on June 7th following one of his better performances with a multi-hit game and a game tying RBI in the 8th against the Baltimore Orioles.
On the year he has a .205 batting average and played some stellar defense despite him struggling at the plate. This will of course aid the Brewers along with his great speed in the field and on-base, as well as bringing in another lefty batter to the lineup.

There are many positives with Turang being brought up but he does strikeout at an alarming rate. He has struckout 48 times in 166 at-bats which is just shy of 30%. As a rookie he is still looking to control the zone and find his groove and that will take time so this move should be nothing but beneficial for him to get back facing pitchers in the majors.

Turang is back in the starting lineup this evening at second base. It's important to remember he is still a rookie and the glimpses we have seen from him this season are of course positive but may not be seen on a consistent bases.

Overall it's not surprising to see Luis Urias optioned to Triple-A Nashville following his recent struggles and we have already seen what Turang can bring to this Brewers team. Hopefully Urias finds his form again and returns to the majors, whilst Turang provides valuable defense and can have an impact at the plate.

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