Brewers: Ranking The 10 Most Important Young Players To The Brewers Future

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#6: SS/2B Brice Turang

Similar to Wiemer, Brice Turang has found himself thrust into an almost everyday role with the Brewers in 2023. Milwaukee traded a veteran, Kolten Wong, last offseason to clear room for Turang to make his MLB debut.

The 2018 first round pick has moved up the organizational ladder slowly and methodically. His arrival signaled the next wave of "The Freshmen" arriving in Milwaukee. Garrett Mitchell arrived late last season in the first wave and Turang made the Opening Day roster this year as the second wave along with Wiemer arriving a day later.

Unlike the other top prospects the Brewers have ready for a promotion, Turang plays in the infield. That makes Turang's success even more important to the organization. If one of the outfielders doesn't pan out, there is another highly touted prospect right behind them ready to take their place. In the infield, that's not quite the case.

Turang is an excellent defender at shortstop, and he would be playing the position in Milwaukee right now if it wasn't for the presence of Willy Adames. However, Adames may not be long for the Brewers. Extension talks with him have gone nowhere and he's in line for a big payday the Brewers can't afford or simply won't want to pay.

It took the Brewers nearly 40 years to find their next great shortstop after Robin Yount was moved off the position. If and when they watch Adames leave, they'll need to make sure the position is left in good hands and Turang has the best chance to be that guy. He'll have this year and next to establish himself as a hitter in the big leagues before the keys get turned over to him, which should help smooth the transition once it's time.

We've seen what having a premier shortstop can do to a lineup with Adames the last few years. That makes the development of Turang a crucial part of the Brewers future.